Manufacturing Certainty!


Veloxion offers a multitude of services to fulfill your design, manufacturing, assembly, and inspection needs.


Veloxion focuses its resources on serving the defense industry. However, Veloxion’s capabilities extend beyond the defense industry to serve other industries as needed.

Robotics Assembly

The variety of machining centers, turning centers, and prototraks allow us to produce parts in various shapes, sizes, and material. Veloxion works exclusively for the customer; every part is made custom to your specifications.

Milling Machine

Veloxion offers full services for electrical and mechanical assemblies. With our manufacturing expertise, flexibility, and open channels of communication we deliver your projects on-time with the quality you expect.

Assembly Tools

Veloxion’s top of line inspection equipment allows us to provide high-quality machined parts and assemblies specifically machined and built for your needs.


Collaborate with Veloxion to develop your project from start to finish. Veloxion will provide design, manufacturing, and inspection expertise to bring your ideas and designs to reality.

Design and Manufacturing


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